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John Whitby, UKIP Group Leader, Councillor for Fletton & Stanground
Published January 4th 2018

Merry Christmas and a UKIP New Year!

As we have just reached the end of 2017, it seems an appropriate time to look back and reflect over what has been a very busy year! Certainly for UKIP, with the appalling results we had in the County Council and General Elections, and now having a new leader in Henry Bolton, the year has been 'interesting'.

I think that the results we have suffered over the last year have been fairly predictable in many ways. For a lot of people, the Referendum in June 2016 with the Leave result was almost 'Job Done' for UKIP, as they saw the referendum result as being the only reason for UKIP's existence, but in this they are very, very wrong, and the recent resurgence in our membership and in recent by-election results will show this.

As people realise that they have been conned by the establishment parties, with the referendum result being effectively ignored, people who felt that UKIP had had its day are returning.

But, the truth is that for a number of years, UKIP have been about much more than just the EU.

Yes, the EU is still, at a base level our main focus of attention, but that is simply because it has so much influence at all levels across the country. There is almost nothing you can do that is not, in some way, touched by the influence of the EU.

And we do a lot more than just talk about the EU.

Local Councillors

UKIP still have a strong core of local councillors, in many ways this is a major strength of the party, and the reason for this is not to do with the EU, but because we work hard at a local level, for local people. Our logo strap line "For the Nation", isn't just a bland statement, this is what we do on a weekly basis across the country on local councils.

In Peterborough we have just 2 councillors currently, but we punch well above our weight, and are often referenced as being 'sensible', by our opposite numbers from the other parties. And the reason for that is simple, we look at each problem without blinkers, and we are not afraid to state facts. We are not bound by decades of political orthodoxy in what we can say and we believe that sensible suggestions can come from all sides.

But we not only sit on committees and influence decision making there. We also work hard for our individual residents when they have problems, and we are not afraid to get our hands dirty sorting out problems.

We tend to not deliver photos through letterboxes advertising what we do - we just get on and do it. Whether that is cleaning the areas by the river in Stanground, while the Council and the Environment Agency argue over who's responsibility it is (and who pays for it) or cutting back dangerous growth on a path used by school children (while others argue over liability); we are prepared to get on with it.

We also work with residents when they have problems with housing, trying to get the best possible outcome whenever we can by working with residents, council and the housing providers.

And it's not just our councillors either. UKIP members in the community also work with and help those that need it, as in a recent incident involving one of the UKIP councillors trying to resolve a long standing issue for a resident. This not only meant contacting various council departments (and other agencies) but a group of UKIP members attending the property concerned to give it a much needed clean, which the resident themselves were not able to physically undertake.

All of this is why UKIP is not only right for the country, but is providing valuable services across communities.

As we move into 2018, UKIP will be even busier, looking after local communities, but also in returning to the fight to achieve our independence as a nation from the European Union. The independence we voted for and which is in severe danger of being reduced to nothing more than a change in name. Having a Blue Passport, doesn't mean we have left the EU.

We need to fight for this, and we need to get more people involved in UKIP and delivering strong, common sense policies, locally and across the country at regional and national level.

What we need in 2018 is UKIP, for the Nation.

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