On Monday 29th October, over 100 local people met at the Great Northern Hotel in Peterborough to hear Patrick O’Flynn MEP explain how the Tories are betraying the Brexit vote.

Patrick’s guest speaker was UKIP leader Gerard Batten MEP who rallied the troops with a stirring speech.

Patrick even invited the dozen protesters outside to come in and take part in the debate, but they of course declined as they knew the bankruptcy of their arguments would be exposed.


Copeland Centre, Bretton,
PE3 6YJ  7.30 pm

March 21st


All supporters are invited to join us at our monthly branch meetings.

Come along and introduce yourself; we discuss local issues that affect the people of Peterborough as well as holding a raffle and offering refreshments.
The next meeting is advertised below:


On Thursday 13th December, Peterborough members joined Regional Organiser, Mark Burke and fellow members from all over Cambridgeshire at the Greystones Pub in Sawtry for a Christmas meal.  
The evening was a great success and included a raffle, best Christmas outfit competition and a quiz.


On Sunday 9th December, tens of thousands marched through Central London to demand Brexit Now!
The mainstream media ignored the event and lied about the numbers there (they said 2,000!).
As this fantastic film shows, there were many many more …. and no trouble whatsoever from Brexit supporters.

BREXIT “DEBATE” 2nd December

On Sunday 2nd December, the Peterborough Co-operative party (basically the Labour Party) held a Brexit event in Woodston, featuring David Lammy MP, speaking against Brexit.
At the last minute, UKIP Councillor for Stanground John Whitby was asked to provide the pro-Brexit position at the debate.

It was only when he arrived that John found out it wasn’t a Brexit debate it was all about Lammy’s push for a second referendum.
Despite this, John did a great job defending Brexit against a fierce and nasty Remainer audience who clearly don’t believe in free speech or even in listening to any views counter to their own.

The local paper did a fair report on the event, which can be found by clicking on the picture below.
It includes a short video of Mr Lammy getting quite upset when Peterborough UKIP Chairman Graham Whitehead suggested we leave the EU on WTO terms!

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