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Graham Whitehead, Branch Chairman
Published January 16th 2018

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The Ploughman pub has been at the heart of the Werrington community since it was built as part of the retail and community development in Staniland Way.

For the past 10 years landlord Andy “Simmo” Simmons and his brother Stuart have built the business into one that doesn’t just provide award-winning real ale and a fantastic music venue.
It’s also renowned for it’s charity and community work. The pub has won civic awards and last year they raised £10,000 for Peterborough charities and over ten years they’ve raised over £160,000.

But that is now all under threat.
Tesco, who own the pub and the shops, are selling the entire site (apart from their store and petrol station of course) to property developers who want to demolish the pub and shops and build 120 social housing units.

We in UKIP consider this to be corporate vandalism and an attack on the traditional Werrington community.  We agree there’s a need for housing but not at the expense of valuable community space that’s never going to be replaced and will exacerbate the traffic problems in the area.

Peterborough should be celebrating it’s assets not tearing them down. In fact, the pub was granted “Asset of Local Value” status on 4th August last year, but 2 weeks later our Council agreed to Tesco exchanging contracts with the developers!

Peterborough UKIP have pledged to help Simmo fight this decision and to challenge the planning application which is expected to be submitted any time now.  Our Councillors are already raising the issue at the Town Hall.

If you wish to help the fight, please contact us via the Contact Us Page.

A Civic Award, some examples of the pub’s good work and (below) Landlord Andy “Simmo” Simmons

The Ploughman, Werrington Centre

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