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Graham Whitehead, Branch Chairman & Cllr John Whitby, Group Leader
Published January 5th 2018

UKIP – the party that acts

One hears all sorts of talk from people in politics about the need for action, the need to get something done and finding the people responsible for getting something done.

Well, UKIP have a slightly different view; we also take action and do it ourselves when needed.
This has been demonstrated a number of times in recent months, where direct action has delivered an improvement for either the community, or specific individuals.

A recent example is in Westwood, where a disabled resident was living in very poor circumstances.
Local man Mark Perry, our UKIP representative in Ravensthorpe ward, had been attempting to get some assistance for him with no success, so he asked for advice from one of the UKIP councillors.
As a result of this meeting, it was decided that the need was so urgent that we could not wait for the agencies to take action and that immediate action was needed.

Our Councillor contacted Social Services, who started the process of needs assessment, but the immediate need was to make the property clean and habitable.

To this end, Mark assembled a team of four UKIP members on the Saturday before Christmas, who in the course of four hours managed to clean the worst of the property to make it clean and habitable, the resident not being in a physical condition to be able to clean the property himself.

UKIP really do care about people, and will not only engage in the usual discussion and work to improve the service that is given to residents, but where needed will roll their sleeves up and get involved in making sure it happens.

As the new Logo says UKIP – For the Nation.

Ravensthorpe’s Mark Perry gets stuck in

Light fitting before ….

…. and after

Grimy conditions needed urgent action

The bathroom transformed!

Mark’s UKIP grimebusters

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