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Against all the odds, we secured a "leave" vote in the EU Referendum.
What a fantastic result and thanks to all of you who played a part!

Now we have another tough fight on our hands to make sure we get the Brexit that we voted for.

It won't be good enough to just leave it in the hands of the Tories and hope for the best. The Prime Minister has already put everything in jeopardy due to her foolhardy decision to hold a General Election.

As Vote Leave supporters we must keep up the pressure on the Government to make Brexit their absolute priority and take us out of the EU as soon as possible, making sure we get the things that we argued for most during the campaign:

* Control of our borders  we decide who comes in and when

* Control of our law       full sovereignty for the UK parliament and                                  repeal of all unwanted EU laws

* Control of our money stop paying £50m a day to the EU and                                  distribute the money in the UK where it's needed

Without UKIP there would have been no referendum.

UKIP are the only political party in the UK who have always campaigned to leave the EU and we are the only one still doing so.

If you live or work in Peterborough, please join us in the fight for Brexit by joining our UKIP branch today!

We're a friendly, committed team who persuaded 61% of Peterborough to Vote Leave and we need as many supporters as possible to join us and carry on the fight.

A year's membership is from £15 up to £30, depending on your circumstances. Pay what you can afford.

Use the joining form on the Contact Us page.

If you’re not from the Peterborough area you can join online here

Please come and join us!

Graham Whitehead
UKIP Chairman - Peterborough

 07963 194883


Branch Meeting

Copeland Centre, Bretton, PE3 9YJ  7.30 pm

Thursday, May 17th