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Village life must not be neglected

 Mary Herdman

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UKIP Youth


Young Independence (YI) is UKIP’s youth wing. It’s made up of all party members aged 30 and under.

Our aim as a youth wing is to support UKIP in its growth and help it increase youth participation as well as the number of young people voting for the party.
We can be contacted on or visit our website:


Dan Morris, YI Cambridgeshire Chairman

Hello, my name is Dan Morris and I'm your new County Chairman for Cambridgeshire. I’m 22 years of age and I'm currently a student in Huntingdon. I’ve been a member of UKIP since 2012 and I stood as a District Council candidate in Huntingdonshire in the last local election. I'm very involved with UKIP's LGBT group, being one of the only Gay candidates in the region, I feel it's important to get our presence to the forefront and destroy the homophobic stereotype the left loves to brand us with. I served as Student Governor at Huntingdonshire Regional College for 2 years and have built up a wealth of experience in public speaking. As Cambridgeshire's YI County Chairman, I'll be working to recruit more brilliant youthful minds to the party and establish a stronger presence in every part of the county. 07913906628